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Building Futures

First Start Homes offer a full turnkey operation, and an off the shelf suite of properties to suit the first time buyer and social housing provider market, from a one bedroom bungalow to a block of low rise flats, this ensures affordability for all without compromising on quality.

The factory can produce over 200 properties per week to cater for the ever growing demand for quality homes in the UK.

It is our aim to help social housing landlords provide affordable and energy efficient housing to their tenants as well as providing first timer buyers in the UK to be able to easily afford to own their home through developers.

First Start Homes are able to do this because we have a well established parent company which has been working within off-site manufacture for many years, and is able to offer its factory facility, product and scalability through First Start Homes.

First Start Homes has an extremely passionate team of individuals who together strive to create the perfect homes at an affordable cost for everyone.

We also plan to help Local Authorities and Housing Associations across the UK reduce homelessness and families living in temporary accommodation with our specially developed business model.

From one off homes to larger developments, our designs will stand out as individuals or can fit in with existing building architecture.


Offsite Building Advantages

Our system integrates new advances in offsite construction and continuously invests in R&D to evolve to more sustainable solution and eco efficient.

Offsite building modules and components are designed and manufactured to last, with a specific application for optimisation of environmental impact, structural resistance, thermal efficiency and acoustic performance.  Being an offsite industrialised building system, our system is a panelised system, based on offsite elements that are assembled on the construction site, including windows and doors, reducing transportation costs.

A ‘Fit your choice’ type of construction suitable to almost any design or architectural project, from classic to modern, while allowing repeatable units in volume numbers featuring integrated, adaptable and sustainable design and delivered in a time cost effective way.




It is our aim to make First Start Homes a market leader in Energy Efficient homes.

The homes themselves are already at a SAP rating of high B into A making them extremely energy efficient, this added to the fact we will offer the option to upgrade at very little cost to have energy storage, photovoltaic and solar thermal incorporated into the build, our homes will be even more affordable for the home owner or tenant.

Why choose First Start Homes?   

Planning and Development of Projects

We turn ideas into real projects, economically sustainable, which can be developed accordingly to the highest requirements and always considering the specific needs of our clients.

Technical Advice

Our team of architects and engineers have specific expertise and training to ensure effective selection of appropriate products for each project , thus solving any technical doubts.

Quality of the materials

Off site manufactured products (i.e. industrial) make it possible to assure quality and uniformity, as the process is tightly controlled in certified factories. Moreover, insulating materials of high energy efficiency are used, which is essential for comfort and lower electricity consumption.


Optimal use of all the resources involved (materials, time, money, energy, etc.) due to the industrialisation of an almost artisanal product (houses).

Accurate quantities guaranteed

Minimising waste and variations from the initial estimate due to unforeseen consumption of construction materials onsite.

Reduction or elimination of heavy machinery use

In the majority of cases, scaffolding and formwork is not required, allowing fixed construction costs to be reduced.

Significant reduction in execution time

As it can be assembled and finished quickly thanks to its industrialised modular nature.

Reduction in labour costs

Through the lower labour requirements and the use of labour that is less specialised than that used in traditional construction.

Significant reduction of environmental damage

With increased use of Off Site Manufactured products, contributing to a cleaner, less noisy project, for more sustainable buildings.

Although the use of Off Site Manufactured products in construction is not as large a market as the traditional one. Buildings with Off Site Manufacturing are becoming very popular due to the generally more competitive prices and speed of build. Nowadays, this type of construction is no longer associated with temporary facilities, but rather it is considered to produce high quality and performance buildings.

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