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A two-bedroom spacious bungalow fully equipped a great family home suitable for the elderly and disabled.


  • s-warstwa
    Type FSH 2
  • s-bed
    Number of Bedrooms Two
  • s-maximize
    GIA 68.68 M2


Our suppliers have the latest available technology and are designed for manufacturing top quality products for all type of projects related to our areas of expertise.

Key Features

  • Long life span Lasts for 60 years
  • Solar Panels
  • Black Slate Tile Roof
  • Exterior Grey Timber Board
  • Exterior Red Brick Lattice Effect
  • Reusable can be disassembled and installed in another place easily
  • More comfort, insulated both from heat and low temperatures.
FSH 2 – floor plan
  • Bedroom One
    13.65 m2
  • Bedroom Two
    10.50 m2
  • Living Room
    24.55 m2
  • Kitchen
    7.98 m2
FSH 2 – elevation
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