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Laminate Worktops

Premium natural materials like stone or timber provide a high-end design and complement a luxe look, whereas low-maintenance alternatives in a variety of realistic textures and finishes are great for busy households.

The versatility of laminate worktops derives from the construction, where a densely compacted chipboard layer is wrapped with a layer of resin laminate to provide a synthetic material that is hardwearing and easily customised.

Advances in technology mean laminate countertops recreate the colour, shape and pattern of real textures, like stone and wood-effects, without the upkeep and cost of the real thing. Laminate worktops are also designed to be easy to fit, maintain and clean – better for busy homes or to complete a project faster.

These 38mm thick worktops come in a variety of colours and designs

Available Colours

  • White - Add fresh clean lines to a kitchen with this simple and softly textured white worktop for a minimalist look. This simple white worktop is a versatile choice which will give a kitchen a soft, pared-back look. Offering clean lines and minimalist style, this will prove hard wearing and durable.
  • Oak Effect - Achieve the look of oak in a kitchen by choosing this oak effect worktop in a low-maintenance laminate. Bring the natural warmth of oak into the kitchen with our oak effect laminate worktop. Once fitted, you can enjoy the appearance of natural wood without having to deal with the upkeep of the real thing.
  • Grey Oak Effect - Introduce an on-trend colour in a natural-looking wood finish with this grey oak effect worktop. Grey is the go-to neutral for interiors, and this grey oak effect worktop combines a trendy shade with a wood-like design for a contemporary twist on a traditional material. The grain pattern adds organic influences into a room that can match other natural features, while the light and cool shade can brighten up a space or enrich schemes inspired by Scandinavian design.
  • Light Grey Stone - Bring cool, organic tones into a home by adding a light stone effect worktop. This light stone effect worktop introduces on-trend shades into a design scheme for a muted, chic look. The soft colour can contrast with dark grey hues or lighten up a bold palette within a room inspired by urban textures and industrialised features. The chunky rounded profile leaves a fluid, curved finish that is also long-lasting
  • Charcoal - Add popular dark grey to a kitchen with this charcoal worktop. Combining a dark shade of on-trend grey with the low-maintenance benefits of laminate, this charcoal worktop is both stylish and easy to take care of.
  • Black Granite - Create contrast with lighter cabinet doors with the black granite effect worktop, for an on-trend monochrome look. Mirroring the dark tones and distinctive patterns of granite, this worktop will bring a dark accent to a black and white kitchen.
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